Zero Based Budget


What’s a Zero-Based Budget?

A Zero-Based Budget is simply planning what to do with every dollar of your money before the month begins. If there’s money left over after expenses are paid, then those funds are moved to savings or towards debt. This strategic money plan provides a financial picture of where you tell ALL your money to go.

Beware of Little Expenses… A Small Leak Will Sink A Great Ship

Income – Expenses = Zero

It’s so simple… and yet not so common. A type of money plan that forces you to account for every dollar in your budget. Each dollar must go toward a specific expense, moved into savings or put towards debt reduction. If consistently done, over time individuals begin to develop a sense of control over their money.

The Best Way To Stick To Your Budget Is To Start One


A zero-based budget is typically good for individuals who have difficulty managing finances and lack the discipline to handle unallocated funds. If you think this type of budget would work best for you check out my FREE budgeting spreadsheet. (after you click the link check your download folder to access)

Stop Talking… Start Doing

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